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Project |01
Online Tutorial: Updating a Federal Regulation

I utilized Camtasia software to create this instructional video.  I taped myself using free online sources to update federal regulations and edited in graphics and transitions to create an efficacious tutorial. 


The tutorial takes viewers through each step of the updating process so they learn to effectively execute the process themselves. 

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To view the actual projects, select the hyper-linked portion of the project name. To view more projects, visit my "Additional Projects" page.

Project |03
Newsletter:  CLIU Branch #116 Update

I designed this informaitonal and promotional newsletter with Microsoft Publisher.  I utilized the software to achieve an effective layout while emphasizing the most important information. The purpose is to give Catholic Life Insurance members an update on the activities of the branch, to encourage their involvement in branch events and to introduce the branch to non-members in the St. Francis Xavier parish.  We have attempted a spanish translation of most of the newsletter content for the first time .  





Project |04
Video: Open Access

For this project I timed information on the slides with an informative voice-over to provide an engaging video that can be shared on a website.


This video highlights Duke University's open access programs.  It can be used as a model by other institutions who are adopting programs to support open access publication.  

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