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This is only a sample of my work. 
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Project |07


Project |08 
Digital Preservation Plan

 I evaluated the Visual Resources Association's (VRA) social media content to determine the information that should be perserved over time, and what formats should be maintained.  After thorough research I recommended tools that could be used to archive their social media outpt.  


This plan, created in a group of 7, analyzed the VRA's born digital materials to determine the best way to archive them given the VRA's needs and limitations.

Project |06


Project |07 
UT Medical School Collection Management Proposal

I created a collection management porposal for UT Austin's new Medical School.  I evaluated the collections of other comparable medical schools to determine some of the preliminary decisions that can be utilized when building the UT Medical School's collection.  This proposal includes plans for how to incorporate the anticipated patrons in the collection management process. 

Project |06 
Law School Faculty Population Analysis
I created this population analysis of the law school faculty to help librarians identify faculty characteristics that can impact and influence library programming.  This is a first step in the analysis that can be expanded with access to additional internal information, such as interviews conducted with faculty liaisons and the faulty themselves.



Project |05




Project |05 
Digitization of UT Law School Yearbooks

I utilized Adobe, Photoshop, ABBYY Fine Reader, and CONTENTdm to create digital surrogates of the yearbooks and a digital collection that provides electronic access.  


Digitizing the frequently-requested collection will enable alumni and law school offices (who utilize the collection to foster alumni relations) to easily access the collection online.

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